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Ultimate at Design is a design and construction firm with a human-centered approach, a deep technical experience and a reputation for great service to our clients, our people and our communities. It is our duty to listen to our clients and transform their insights into structures and spaces that inspire, inform and innovate. In past years, Ultimate at Design has developed special expertise in commercial and residential architectural design and construction. Our approach to all projects is singular: to create unique environments where our clients thrive. We've planned and designed places where people live, work and play. At Ultimate at Design, we believe we are part of something greater than ourselves and that our work should have a positive impact on the world. We combine a sound functional business approach with a sensitivity to aesthetic value, sustainability, and human experience that leads to highly successful, lasting environments.


1. Pre-Design 

Ground work that helps define the problem and create the framework for design.

  • Vision and Strategy Planning

  • Programming

  • Site Selection

  • Site Analysis

  • Siting, i.e. Identifying the ideal location for a building or use.

  • Research zoning, ordinances, and codes

  • Site Surveys – boundary, topography, trees – referrals to surveyors

  • Existing conditions survey/ As-Built Drawings 

  • Geotechnical Surveys – referrals to service providers

2. Design 

Design solutions that start at a conceptual level and become more refined as various systems are integrated.

  • Site Design

  • Architectural Design

  • Interior Design

  • Lighting Design and Electrical Layout

  • Finish, Fixture, and Equipment Selections (FFE)

  • Energy Analysis

  • Mechanical Systems Design and Engineering

  • Structural Design and Engineering

  • Civil Design and Engineering

  • Landscape Design

3. Documentation 

Production of documents used for permitting, bidding, and construction of the project. These documents must be accurate, coordinated and consistent, complete and understandable.

  • Permit drawings

  • Construction drawings

  • Technical drawings

  • Material research

  • Specifications for materials, installation methods, tolerances, performance criteria, testing, etc.

  • Schedule of selections for finishes, fixtures, and equipment

4. Project Management 

Planning, organizing, communicating, and managing the project, the team, and the schedule.

  • Project Administration

  • Selecting and hiring consultants

  • Coordinating client, consultants, builder, and architectural team

  • Managing Time Schedule

  • Providing Counsel

  • Monitor Budget and Cost assessment

  • Presentations to Design Review Boards such as Neighborhood groups, Architectural Control Committees (ACC) and Historic Preservation Office Review

5. Pre-Construction

Ground work that helps define the problem and create the framework for construction.

  • Construction Cost Evaluation

  • Bidding and Comparative Analysis

  • Contractor Selection

  • City Building Permitting Review

  • Value Engineering

6. Construction Observation

Goal is to assist you and the contractor to build the project as designed.

  • Site Visits

  • Field Reports

  • Review of shop drawings and submittals

  • Response to RFIs (Requests for Information) from Builder

  • Approve Draw Requests and Change Orders

  • Project Close-out


Architectural Design

Ultimate Design is set to provide great service and high quality craftsmanship for all clients. We reflect our care for this industry and our clients through the design process, construction drawings, and building development.


Omid Farzadpour

Architectural Drawing & Design

Drawings will include Cover sheet, Existing/Demo plan, Existing/Demo RCP, New Floor Plan, Reflective Ceiling Plan, Necessary elevation.


Additional charge for the following: Accessibility, 3D Views, Renderings, MEP Design & Drawing, Structural Drawing.



Dallas - Fort worth

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